Adderstone Foundation support stroke victim Padraig Hallissey, after being approached by the IRFU.

Former Rugby player, Padraig suffered a blow in 2015 whilst playing Rugby in Ireland, which resulted in him having a stroke.


His speech suffered badly and it was paramount that he attended a specialist speech therapy course in Newcastle, due to its dedicated adult speech therapy department.

The Irish Rugby Football Union Charitable Trust is based in Dublin; it supports severely injured rugby players in their everyday lives and helps to restore their confidence and independence. They helped Padraig and made a connection with Adderstone Foundation, in plea for accommodation to house Padraig and his supportive girlfriend Sarah Houlihan.

Adderstone Foundation made it possible for Padraig to complete his specialist speech therapy course, by housing him and Sarah for eight weeks in one of Adderstone Group’s properties.

The Chairman of IRFU Charitable trust, John Callaghan, explained: “Our trust supports 33 players who have suffered injury on the field of play, requiring our backing for the rest of their lives.”

“Padraig will now be able to follow his trade as a joiner after receiving specialist speech therapy in Newcastle.

“Adderstone Foundation’s response to our plea was quite simply wonderful. It is all so remarkably heartwarming.”

Padraig has now returned to Ireland with not only improved speech, but added confidence to get back his life before the stroke he suffered.

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