Charity donation improves children’s reading skills

Adderstone Foundation recently raised £894 to buy specialist software that will help benefit pupils' reading skills at West Jesmond Primary School in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The funds were donated by Adderstone Foundation after matching donations made during one of the school’s fayres.

The reading software, called Lexia Reading, offers personalised learning that allows extensive activities in everything from basic to advanced levels. As the children systematically progress through the programme, they gain a sense of achievement, confidence and independence.

West Jesmond Primary School has implemented the software to support their core curriculum and it is also available to be installed at home, enabling parents to work through homework with their children through selected tasks.

Gary Wallis-Clarke, Head Teacher of West Jesmond Primary School said: “We would like to thank Adderstone Foundation for their generous donation. The funds have created a huge impact on the progress of pupils and their reading.

“We assessed the pupils at the start of the trial and after three months the results were fantastic. On average, our pupils’ reading age went up by twelve and a half months after three months. While working on the programme, one boy has made a staggering two and a half years of progress!”

To learn more about Lexia Reading, click here.