Adderstone Foundation sponsor Warrior Beach Assault

In March 2014 Adderstone Foundation sponsored the inaugural Warrior Beach Assault Challenge, a 10k long gruelling assault course which took place on the beach and The Links at Whitley Bay.

As charity sponsor for the event, Adderstone Foundation linked up with Thirteen Group, a North East based charity that provides support to ex-military veterans that have experienced hard times on leaving the armed forces.

Through the Warrior Beach Assault sponsorship, Adderstone Foundation built links with Thirteen Care and Support in a bid to help them raise £200,000 to fund development, services and support networks, enabling their veteran projects to continue helping those who need it.

In partnership with Thirteen Care and Support, Adderstone Foundation’s ultimate aim is to raise sufficient funds to develop an additional Veterans’ Centre in the North East. This will enable Thirteen to provide a secure environment for ex-service personnel to receive the support and guidance they need. In doing so, they are able to overcome issues such as debt, relationship and alcohol problems as well as helping them regain control of their lives.

A team of brave Adderstone Group employees also took on the challenge of the assault course which involved climbing giant haystacks, running up steps, negotiating cargo nets and being blasted by paint ballss in a bid to raise funds for Thirteen veterans.

The event was a great spectacle and a huge success with almost 1000 other brave contenders taking part and raising funds for many worthy causes on the day.

James Atkinson, Development Surveyor at Adderstone Group who took on the challenge said: “The course was a test of both fitness and mental determination. Having to tackle tough challenges like the lethal trench were very testing but fun.

“There will be lots of aches and pains and sore limbs in the North East tomorrow morning.”

Allison Harrison, Trustee of Adderstone Foundation said: “We’re delighted that Adderstone Foundation were able to get involved in this event and hopefully it will be the first of many in the region.

“We believe that Thirteen Care and Support provide a fantastic service to the many ex-military personnel that they are able to support and we are pleased that all funds raised by Adderstone Foundation will go directly to their cause.”

To learn more about Thirteen Group, click here.