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Adderstone Foundation aims to make a real difference to lives of the people we help and support. If you are able to make a donation to our cause, this monetary support and generosity is gratefully received.

All donations go directly to the Adderstone Foundation. No money is used for wages or administration charges and your donation significantly enables us to fund the work we carry out.

Thank You!

Matched Giving

Adderstone Foundation operates a matched giving scheme for Adderstone Group employees.

The scheme exists to encourage staff to become involved in the voluntary sector and to engage in fundraising activities through their own participation in sponsored events.

Every staff member employed by Adderstone Group is entitled to claim up to a maximum of £300 in each calendar year from the matched giving scheme, to be donated to a charity of their choice and for which they have raised money themselves.

Matched Giving Scheme Guidance Notes

You must be an employee of Adderstone Group or one of its subsidiaries to apply for Matched Giving.

Each staff member can claim up to a maximum of £300 per calendar year.

Staff can apply at any point in the year and for as many different activities as they wish.

One off or single claims of less than £50 are not eligible.

Staff must have personally participated in an event or fundraising activity and not just be the organiser or supervisor of the event.

Adderstone Foundation will support a wide range of charities which help people to achieve a better quality of life, create equality of opportunity and help those who are disadvantaged or marginalised in society.

Application forms can be obtained from the Adderstone Foundation committee. Once completed, applicants should submit the application form to Adderstone Foundation.

Any fundraising should be done using an Adderstone Foundation Gift Aid form on which participants should make clear which charity they are supporting or on the Adderstone Foundation GiveStar. page

Once a form is complete, Adderstone Foundation will send on the money, together with a matching amount (not more than £300) to the charity, together with a letter explaining that you raised the funds and how you did it.

Claims for payment of matched funding must be submitted within three months of the date of the event and you must have completed the fundraising activity prior to submitting a claim.

For further information please email us.

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